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Model basin tests

Special water basin tests of a wave-powered oxygen pump have been carried out at the Hydraulic and Costal Engineering Laboratory at Aalborg University, Denmark,

in order to prove up-scaling calculations and

dimensioning of the demonstration unit. Aalborg University has been chosen

because of its experiences with wave-overtopping structures and the expert

knowledge in off-shore structure test in basins.

The objectives of the basin tests are the estimation of
  • (i) overtopping with the focus on given everyday wave conditions;
  • (ii) motions of the floating construction with the focus on extreme wave conditions; and
  • (iii) forces on the construction with the focus on extreme wave conditions.

The model was constructed at a scale of 1:25.

Below some movie clips of the performed experiments. The report will be available as soon as it has been reviewd and accepted.

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