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Measurements i Kanholmsfjärden

In Kanholmsfjärden located in the Stockholm archipelago, the project has together with the BOX-project group External link, opens in new window. from University of Gothenburg sat out measuring instruments that measure temperature, salinity and oxygen concentrations. Instruments will send once a day an update on the state of the water at six different depths: surface, 60 meters, 70 meters, 80 meters, 90 meters and 100 meters. Oxygen measurements are only at 60 meters, 80 meters and 100 meters.

Figure 1.: The figure shows, from left to right, temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen concentrations at different depths in the Kanholmsfjärd. Black lines indicate the latest measured profile, while blue lines show the initial profile from early May 2011.

Figure 2.: The figure shows the measured timeseries from the mooring. The upper panel shows temperature (see legend for depths), the middle panel shows salinity (se legend for depths) and the lower panel shows dissolved oxygen concentrations at three depths (see legend for distribution depths).

Figure 3.: Time series of the flow through the pump. The black line shows the flow speed throught the pipes and the red line shows temperature of the water.


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